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Snack & Beverage Vending Machine at Best Price in India, user-friendly, high-tech refreshment solutions.

Affordable Mini Vending Machine

Compact and efficient, this machine is perfect for small spaces needing a variety of snack and drink options. Ideal for startups and small offices.


  • Low cost, large glass window for enhanced visibility
  • Refrigerated with an easy-to-use interface
  • Supports digital cashless payments (UPI)
  • Android system with idle advertising display
  • Double layer vacuum toughened glass

Cashless Combo Vending Machine

This high-capacity machine is designed for digital, cashless transactions, making it modern and easy to use in technology-forward environments.


  • High capacity, ideal for diverse product types including snacks and beverages
  • Large glass window for better product visibility
  • Supports only digital cashless payments

22” Touch Screen Combo Vending Machine

Perfect for capturing customer attention, this machine features a large 22” touchscreen for advertising and enhanced user interaction.


  • Interactive 22” touch screen with advertisement capabilities.
  • Refrigerated and suitable for a wide range of products.
  • Extra large storage space, with big pickup door.

Elevator Vending Machine

Designed for delicate and high-value items, this machine uses an elevator mechanism to deliver products safely and efficiently.


  • Elevator platform system suitable for fragile products.
  • Fully refrigerated with a 22-inch HD touchscreen.
  • Smooth delivery system, ideal for food containers and fragile items.

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