Office Vending Machines for Your Workplace

(Convenient Snacks and Beverage Vending Machines for Your Offices, Business & Corporates. Upgrade Your Workplace Today.)
Advanced Features to Serve Employee Better:

Double Layer Toughened Glass

The body is explosion-proof and smash-proof, which can resist more than one ton of external force.
Payment Method

UPI Payment

Our vending machines support all major credit and debit cards. digital payments via GPAY, PhonePe, Paytm.

Fully Customizable

Customised as per your office requirement. Choose between conveyor belt or spring slots.

User-Friendly Interface

A frictionless vending experience with our intuitive 7-inch touchscreen.

Advanced Cooling System

Keep drinks at the perfect temperature with upgraded refrigeration system.

How To Choose a Vending Machine For Office?

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Our customers appreciate the convenience and ease of use, making their vending experience enjoyable and hassle-free.
Outstanding supplier! The vending machine quality and aftercare service are truly the best. A game-changer for our business needs.
Thanks to Fraxotic, we've been able to offer our customers a seamless and enjoyable vending experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

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FAQ's - Vending Machine for Office

1What types of vending machines are suitable for an office environment?
Snack Vending Machines
Beverage Vending Machines (cold drinks, coffee, tea)
Combo Vending Machines (snacks and beverages)
Healthy Vending Machines (healthy snacks and drinks)
2What payment options do office vending machines support?
Cash (coins and bills)
Credit/Debit Cards
Mobile Payments (PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.)
Contactless Payments
3How often should the vending machine be restocked?
Restocking frequency depends on usage but generally ranges from once a week to multiple times a week for high-traffic offices. Monitoring sales data can help determine the optimal restocking schedule.
4Can we customise the products in our office vending machine?
Yes, many suppliers offer customization options to stock products based on employee preferences, including healthy snacks, beverages, and specialty items.
5What are the benefits of having a vending machine in the office?
Increased productivity.
Convenient access to snacks and drinks.
Enhanced employee satisfaction.
Cost-effective refreshment solution.
Supports health and wellness with healthy options.
Generates additional revenue.
6What should we consider when choosing a location for the vending machine in the office?
High-traffic areas such as break rooms, lobbies, or near conference rooms.
Accessibility and visibility.
Proximity to power outlets.
Space for comfortable access and use.
7What is the typical cost of a vending machine for office use?
Costs can vary widely depending on the type of machine, features, and supplier. Basic models may start from 1 Lakh, while advanced models with smart technology can be more expensive.
8Can I track sales and inventory in real time?
Yes, you can track sales and inventory in real time with our vending machines. Our machines are equipped with advanced telemetry systems that provide detailed insights into sales data and inventory levels. This technology allows you to monitor the performance of each machine from a centralized dashboard, making it easy to manage stock levels, plan restocking, and analyze sales trends. This real-time data helps optimize your operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

Benefits of Vending Machines in the Office

1. Convenience for Employees 

Having a vending machine in the office provides quick access to snacks and drinks without the need to leave the workplace. This convenience ensures that employees can easily grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink, saving valuable time during their busy day. Additionally, vending machines operate 24/7, making them perfect for offices with employees who work late hours or have irregular schedules. 

 2. Increased Productivity 

 Vending machines can play a significant role in boosting productivity. With refreshments readily available, employees can spend less time on breaks, leading to increased efficiency. A quick snack or drink can also provide an energy boost, helping employees stay alert and focused throughout the day.

 3. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction and Morale 

 Offering a variety of snacks and beverages caters to diverse tastes and dietary preferences, enhancing overall employee satisfaction. The convenience and comfort provided by vending machines contribute to a positive work environment, boosting morale and fostering a more enjoyable workplace. 

 4. Healthier Options 

 Modern vending machines can be stocked with healthy options such as fruits, nuts, and low-calorie snacks, promoting better eating habits among employees. By accommodating dietary needs with gluten-free, vegan, and other specific options, vending machines ensure that all employees have suitable and healthy choices. 

 5. Cost-Effective Solution 

 Vending machines are a cost-effective way to provide refreshments in the office. They require minimal maintenance and no staffing, keeping overhead costs low. Additionally, vending machines can generate extra income through sales, further offsetting any costs associated with their installation and upkeep. 

 6. Encourages Social Interaction 

 Vending machines can become a social hub in the office break area, encouraging employees to take breaks and interact with their colleagues. This fosters a sense of community and can improve overall teamwork and communication within the office. 

 7. Supports Company Wellness Programs 

 By offering nutritious snacks, vending machines can support company wellness initiatives and promote healthier lifestyles among employees. Access to healthy food and drinks can contribute to the overall well-being of employees, potentially reducing sick days and enhancing productivity. 

 8. Eco-Friendly Options 

 Many modern vending machines offer eco-friendly products and packaging, aligning with company sustainability goals. Additionally, energy-efficient vending machines can help reduce the office’s carbon footprint, making them a more environmentally responsible choice. 

 9. Customization and Flexibility 

 Vending machines can be customized to offer a selection of products that suit the preferences and needs of the office staff. With flexible payment options, including cash, cards, and mobile payments, transactions are convenient and accessible for everyone. 

 10. Space-Saving Solution 

 The compact design of vending machines makes them an ideal solution for offices with limited space. They can be placed in various locations throughout the office, ensuring easy access for all employees without taking up too much room. 

 Implementing vending machines in your office can significantly enhance employee convenience, boost productivity, and support wellness initiatives. They offer a cost-effective, flexible, and environmentally friendly solution for providing refreshments, contributing to a more enjoyable and efficient workplace.