Cashless ComboVending Machine

(Cashless Vending for Snacks / Beverages / Chocolates / Ready-to-eat foods)
Key Features of the Cashless Combo Vending Machine

Double Layer Toughened Glass

The body is explosion-proof and smash-proof, which can resist more than one ton of external force.
Payment Method

Cashless Payments System

Enjoy seamless transactions with secure and swift digital payments via GPAY, PhonePe, Paytm.

Fully Customizable

Customised as per your requirement. Choose between conveyor belt or spring slots.


Easy to navigate 10 Inch touchscreen Display.

Enhanced Cooling Technology

Keeps products fresh and at the perfect temperature.

Cashless Combo Vending Machine

Screen: 10 inch touchscreen
Dimension: H: 6 ft. 4” | W: 2 ft. 8” | D: 2 ft. 7”
Voltage: AC 120 V - 240 V, 50Hz
Power: 510 W / 16 AMP
Weight: 225 Kgs
Temperature: 4º C - 25º C
Payment methods: Cashless (UPI, GPay, PhonePe)
Slots Quantity: 60 Slots
Type: Spring Slots
Capacity: 250-500 Products (Springs or Conveyers)
Product: Snacks /Beverages/ Tetra Packs/ Chocolates
Customizable: Tailor to your requirements
- Low Cost
- Android system
- Double Layer vacuum toughened glass
- Refrigeration System
- User-Friendly Interface

Benefits of the Cashless Combo Vending Machine.

Convenience_ Easy access to snacks and beverages without cashConvenience_ Easy access to snacks and beverages without cash


Easy access to snacks & beverages without cash.
Efficiency_ Quick dispensing and low maintenance


Quick dispensing and low maintenance.
Versatility_ Suitable for a variety of locations and product types


Suitable for a variety of locations and product types.
Technology_ Advanced features to enhance user experience and management


Advanced features to enhance UX and management.

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