Discover the Fraxotic Mini Vending Machine

affordable, efficient, and perfect for any business.

Capacity & Customization

Offers 21 product varieties and can hold up to 240 items. Tailor it to fit your needs!

Space-Efficient Design

Compact dimensions (H: 5 ft. 2" W: 2 ft. 1" L:2 ft. 5") – fits anywhere from offices to schools.

Seamless Payments

Supports UPI platforms like Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePe. No more coins needed!

Advanced  Cooling & Visibility

Optimized cooling technology and large glass window with LED lighting enhance product display.

Cost-Effective Solution

Low initial cost, minimal maintenance, and high durability make it a great investment.

Remote Management

Monitor and manage your vending machine remotely with our integrated digital platform.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

User-friendly setup and hands-free maintenance for a hassle-free experience.

Customer Support

customer support to assist with any issues or questions you may have.

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