5 Profitable Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh Investment

Looking to start a business with a small budget? Here are five profitable business ideas that you can start with an investment of under 1 lakh.

Homemade Food Delivery

Start a homemade meal delivery service: Easy setup with minimal investment.

Handmade Crafts and Products

Turn your crafting passion into a business: Sell handmade items online for great profits!

Mini Vending Machine Business

Boost income with a mini vending machine in offices, gyms, and schools!

Social Media Management

Grow businesses online with expert social media management!

Home-Based Bakery

Launch your home bakery with mouthwatering treats!

Get Started Today!

Starting a business under 1 lakh is achievable with the right idea and dedication. If you want to explore more, click on the link below.